Who can use Boarding Glasses?

Boarding Glasses is for all people aged 10 and over suffering from motion sickness.

Why from 10 years old?

Using Boarding Glasses for young children does not present any risk, but apart from the obvious issue of inappropriate size for their faces, the effectiveness of the device will not be guaranteed. The reason is simple: before the age of 9, children's peripheral vision is not yet mature. The movement of liquid in the branches will be less well perceived, hence the effectiveness will be lower. Between 9 and 10 years of age, peripheral visual acuity becomes fully functional.

What type of transport can I useBoarding Glasses?

The efficiency of Boarding Glassesis guaranteed in any type of vehicle (except maybe a spacecraft!): boat, car, plane, train, bus, motorcycle, helicopter, paraglider, hyperloop, etc...

What if I wear glasses?

Boarding Glasses has a wide design to allow them to be worn over most eyeglass frames. If your glasses don't, don't worry! Since you only need to wear Boarding Glasses only about ten minutes on average, you will be able to do without your glasses for the time of the treatment.

What's the difference with Seetroën glasses?

Only the design is different. The glasses marketed by Citroën (under the name Seetroën) use the same technology Boarding Ringas Boarding Glasses.

Do you have any more questions? 

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