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A decisive year for Boarding Ring

Boarding Ring

Welcome on board!

For the opening of this blog, and on behalf of the whole Boarding Ring team I wish you all the best for 2020 ! 

A year 2020 started on a high note with a 3rd participation at the CES in Las Vegas. A year that will be especially rich for Boarding Ring : a fifth anniversary to celebrate, important development milestones to reach, and no less exciting announcements to make. We're already looking forward to it ! Before that, I will take the time to share with you periodically, to look back over our journey, from the genesis of Boarding Ring to my vision for the next few years, passing through significant episodes in our history.

Start with Why

In 2015, when came the opportunity to found Boarding Ring, the decision did not require months of reflection. Putting an end to the ages-old problem of motion sickness may seem ambitious, even reckless. But relieving hundreds of millions of passengers around the world is an exciting challenge.

It is this passion that drove me into entrepreneurship, which led me to commit myself to this totally new approach to treating kinetosis, with the same determination as I had during my international judoka career. A technology imagined by Hubert, my father, and the result of long years of personal research, scientific reading and exchanges with the best specialists on the subject. A family history also built since the beginning with my brother Renaud, our Technical Director. It is in this team that the greatest value of Boarding Ring. It is this team in which I have placed all my confidence, and for which the greatest ambition is allowed.

When it came time to imagine the best response to motion sickness, we were keen to place one value at the heart of our project: the human being. This means offering a solution that is both easy to use and physiologically adapted; with the promise of maximum comfort and total satisfaction. A continuous concern that still today drives us to regularly optimize our products and treat our users, you, with the utmost attention.

Antoine Jeannin - CEO

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