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Which mode of transport makes you sicker?

seasickness seasicknessA BVA* study shows that 47% of French people are sick in certain types of transport.

Everyone obviously has his or her own susceptibility, but the analysis makes it possible to establish a hierarchy between the main means of travel. Not surprisingly afloat that the proportion of passengers suffering from motion sickness is the most important:
        66% of boat passengers,
        39% of car passengers,
        28% of air passengers,
        19% of train passengers.
This trend is also reflected in a survey** conducted among users of Boarding Glasseswhich mainly acquired glasses for their sea trips (79%), their car journeys (24%), flights (10%) and train travel (5%).

Preparing for long journeys 

Indeed, it is when travel time is longer that motion sickness is most prevalent. If 8% of our users need Boarding Glasses many times a months, the 3/4 of them wear their glasses only when they are long-distance journeys. So, you ready to join the Boarding Ring family? 

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*BVA for Domeo and Presse Régionale - 2015 France

**Opinionway for Boarding Ring- 2019