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Fighting motion sickness

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French "4 F" rule - avoid hunger, cold, fatigue and fear - can help limit the progression of a bad situation. But acting on the cause of motion sickness will for sure avoid its consequences. Kinetosis is caused by a sensory mismatch between what the eye sees and what the inner ear feels. Since the vision is the disturbed part here, confined in a vehicle, it is the one to be helped, by bringing to its periphery inertial signals consistent with the perceptions of the vestibular system. This is precisely what Boarding Glasses allows. The blue liquid in the glasses moves according to the movements it undergoes, creating an artificial horizon in the user's field of view. This horizon allows the eye to permanently perceive the accelerations in which it is involved, whatever its environment. The vestibular system of the ear is also based on the analysis of the movement of a liquid, so it perceives similar information.

A visual crutch designed by bio-mimicry

Synchronizing the balance components, to avoid any discrepancy and thus make motion sickness disorders impossible: this is the simple yet unprecedented principle on which the Boarding Ring technology is based. Above all, it is the most effective approach. When asked in a satisfaction survey, 94% of the users confirm that their experience has been improved by the use of Boarding Glasses in transportation. This study, conducted in 2019 by independent institute Opinionway, also highlights a score of 8/10 for the intensity of this improvement, a significant result. If you add to this the fact that these glasses are a natural, non-invasive device, without any side effects or contraindications: you can conclude that Boarding Glasses is your best ally for your daily travels, as well as your farest journeys!

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