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Behind the scenes of the Seetroën partnership!

In July 2018, this video went viral on the web :


A worldwide buzz that generated more than 20 million views and 10,000 orders in just a few days ! Let's have a look back at the launch of our partnership with the French car maker Citroën.

At first, a simple communication operation

When thinking about a communication idea for departures on summer holidays, the BETC agency imagined for its client Citroën an operation focused on the onboard experience, and more precisely on the passengers. An experience that is regularly degraded for nearly 40% of car passengers due to motion sickness. It is therefore natural that we were contacted and that we proposed the solution. Boarding Glasses to meet this challenge. All that remained was to adapt the style of these glasses to the manufacturer's universe, cleverly name the model "Seetroën", and make an advertising spot. Then finally launch the operation on social networks to promote the fact that Citroën also cares about passengers when competitors focus on the driver.
Thanks to technologyBoarding Ring!

Today, a worldwide best-seller

With orders from all over the world, the initial collection of 100 pairs was sold out within minutes. Facing this massive traction, the marketing operation became an actual commercial success. Today, more than 20,000 pairs of Seetroën have been shipped, and are being used daily with satisfaction!


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