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  • With Boarding Glasses, motion sickness is over

  • In just a few minutes, rediscover the pleasure of travelling

  • A natural and sustainable solution, from 10 years old

With Boarding Glasses, motion sickness is over

In just a few minutes, rediscover the pleasure of travelling

A natural and sustainable solution, from 10 years old

When all the existing solutions settle for curing only the symptoms of motion sickness, Boarding Glasses target its real cause, resulting in a superior efficiency of over 94%*

*2019 Opinionway study

  • Boarding Glasses

Boarding Glasses


how it works

Go to Boarding Glasses as soon as the first signs appear.

Your senses synchronise in about ten minutes.

You can take off your glasses and enjoy the trip!

Work for all modes of transport: car, boat, train, plane

One pair is enough for the whole family, from 10 years old.

A natural alternative to medication. 

BOARDING RING team working



"Whatever your destination or mode of transportation, the Boarding Team is committed to making your trip a unique experience in terms of comfort."

Antoine Jeannin - co-founder & CEO


The Boarding Ring company came up with a simple yet innovative solution: the patented medical device Boarding Glasses contains a blue liquid. In reaction to the vehicle accelerations, this liquid moves around the eyes in the frontal direction (left-right), and in the sagittal direction (front-rear).

It creates an artificial horizon in the periphery of the visual field, without disturbing the central vision. The eyes have thus access again to the reality of the movement, the sensory mismatch instantly disappears and motion sickness fades in a few minutes. 

Achievements we are proud of


In an ongoing drive to improve comfort for as many people as possible, Boarding Ring has joined forces with French carmaker Citroën to create the "Seetroën" eyewear: the perfect blend of Boarding Ring technology and the brand's herringbone style - distributed exclusively by Citroën.

Innovation Award

Boarding Ring also won an Innovation Award at CES 2019 in Las Vegas for its "Seenetic VR" system: a breakthrough innovation that avoids virtual reality sickness and is based on the same approach as Boarding Glasses. 


I've been wearing them for 2 years and these glasses have changed my life, I no longer dread travelling on Corsican roads. Before the glasses any displacement was synonymous with bad moments to pass, now the problem is solved !!!! Thanks a thousand times

Ambre R.

In addition to working well for us, our pair Boarding Glasses was tested by car and boat by 3 people from our entourage and each time it was a success! Thanks again!

Kevin B.

My son has been wearing these glasses for more than 15 days, and miracle, nothing more: no desire to vomit, no more symptoms, and no apprehension, the dream !!! We can now leave in a quiet car. I am really delighted with this purchase

Sabine P.

I really want to thank you because the result is impressive. We regularly go to the mountains and before we had these glasses, the car ride was very complicated. Since then, it hasn't been a problem at all! It really is a great technology. Thank you again for that. 

Arnaud R.

I experimented with your glasses this summer. It's incredible, I made several sea crossings, some of them several hours at sea without suffering in any way! I was normal... it changed my holidays !

THANK YOU for this wonderful invention

Cecile C.

They changed the life of our daughter Louise, 9 and a half years old, for whom going on vacation was synonymous with anxiety for weeks before. Now she no longer fears long trips and really enjoys her vacation. Thank you so much! 

Fabien P.

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